10 Lines about Climate & Nature For Kids and Students

10 Lines about Climate & Nature For Kids and Students

10 Lines about Climate & Nature For Kids and Students

1- When you think about it, it’s so ironic how much the world has changed & not in a good way.

2- I think we’re all guilty of judging people by their appearance and while it might be hard to believe, everyone you meet has a story to tell; like the beautiful flowers that grow through cracks in rocks.

3- You can run & you can hide but sooner or later, these problems will find you; there’s no such thing as healthy air anymore!

4- The average time it takes for something to become trash is 3 minutes which means we live our lives like we don’t care about the ones who make up this world!

5- I wish more people would appreciate nature and not just complain about how dirty cities are getting because if we keep going at this rate then i’m afraid there won’t be any green space left.

6- Sometimes I wonder if we’re all just a little too consumed with how different we are from one another and forget that deep down inside, everyone wishes they were more like themselves.

7- Doesn’t it baffle you how people fight over things that don’t even matter while the world is becoming a mess right in front of their eyes?!

8- One of these days i hope people realize there’s no such thing as race or skin color; do you know why? Because kindness is the only language everybody understands.

9. When was the last time you looked up at the stars? It doesn’t have to be nighttime for this exercise to work; after all, beauty is everywhere & sometimes you just need to stop whatever you’re doing and tune in.

10. You can’t help but wonder what the world would be like if we started living our lives like trees; always reaching for the light without having to worry about how far up you are because sometimes you just need to stay grounded.