10 Lines about My Son

10 Lines about My Son

10 Lines about My Son

1. I love seeing my son happy and smiling because he has such a beautiful smile.

2. Sometimes when I pick him up from school he will give me a big hug and that just melts my heart.

3. Thank God for my son, he brightens up every single day and makes my life so much better!

4. My son is a very sensitive person, he always feels things on a deep level.

5. I am so proud of him for getting the highest grades in his class- he’s one smart cookie!

6. He is such a hard worker, I’m sure he will go far in life with that kind of dedication.

7. If I could tell my son one thing it would be to always follow your dreams and do what makes you happy!

8 . It’s so important to spend quality time with your child, even if it’s just going out for a ice cream together.

9. The only thing I want for my son is to be happy with his life.

10. Every single day my son is growing into a wonderful human being, I truly couldn’t be prouder!