100 English Phrases for Daily Use

100 English Phrases for Daily Use

100 English Phrases for Daily Use

If you’re an ESL student looking to improve your English skills, learning common phrases is a great place to start. Here are 100 essential phrases for daily use that will help you communicate better and feel more confident in your language ability. With practice, you’ll be able to use them naturally in conversation. So let’s get started!

English Phrases for Daily Use

1. I’m not sure.
2. There are far too many individuals in this room.
3. Do you want a cup of coffee?
4. It’s great to finally meet you.
5. What day is it today?
6. Allow yourself to relax.
7. I had been in a foul attitude all day.
8. Is it possible that I misunderstood you?
9. Put your trust in God.
10.   Today I’m in a really bad mood.
11.   Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
12.   In a moment, I’ll be with you.
13.   This can’t possibly be true.
14.   I apologise for bothering you.
15.   Please take a seat.
16.   You should mind your own business.
17.   Don’t make fun of him.
18.   Make no apologies.
19.   What exactly is this?
20.   Don’t even think about messing with me.
21.   Keep up the excellent work.
22.   What exactly is going on?
23.   I’m feeling a lot better now.
24.   Slowly drive the automobile.
25.   I’ll send you a text message.
26.   She is one of my closest friends.
27.   You’re irritable.
28.   Don’t take anything too seriously.
29.   Make use of your intellect.
30.   What happened to him?

Basic English Phrases

Useful Phrases in English Speaking
31.   Are you planning to join us?
32.   It makes no difference.
33.   What are your plans?
34.   Allow me to take a bath.
35.   Is it possible for you to tell me what happened?
36.   This is excellent news.
37.   I was out of town/station at the time.
38.   Right now, I’m in a great mood.
39.   You’re always correct.
40.   I’m in big trouble.
41.   Take care with your words.
42.   Do you want to discuss it?
43.   It’s not going to be worth it.
44.   What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
45.   Don’t be a fool.
46.   Just give me a call.
47.   What exactly do you mean?
48.   Are you looking for something?
49.   It isn’t the end of the world as we know it.
50.   We’ll talk again tomorrow.
51.   He enraged him greatly.
52.   Please accept my apologies for being so late.
53.   What was your impression of the journey?
54.   Consider what you’re saying before you say it.
55.   It’s all right.
56.   What are your thoughts?
57.   I’m sorry, but I misunderstood you.
58.   There is no place for uncertainty.
59.   How did you figure that out?
60.   Please serve me a cup of tea.

English Phrases for Beginners

61.   Would you be willing to talk slowly?
62.   Do you have an Instagram account?
63.   It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.
64.   What country are you from?
65.   He isn’t feeling good. He’s not feeling good.
66.   Please don’t bother me.
67.   What were you doing?
68.   I’m having a nervous breakdown.
69.   Sorry for not paying attention.
70.   How are things going for you?
71.   Please don’t irritate me.
72.   Will you accompany me?
73.   Could you just repeat that?
74.   It’s been a trying day.
75.   What can I do to assist you?
76.   Don’t go off on a tangent.
77.   Let me have a look.
78.   What exactly is he on about?
79.   I’m starting to feel sleepy.
80.   They enjoy one other’s company.
81.   How are you doing?
82.   Please return.
83.   Will you visit us again?
84.   I’ll give it my all.
85.   She has a lot to say.
86.   You’re having a rough day.
87.   Don’t make a fool of yourself in front of me.
88.   Make an effort to comprehend.
89.   What exactly is the issue?
90.   How long do you intend to stay?
91.   Please stay for a few minutes longer.
92.   You appear to be exhausted.
93.   Drop me off at my house.
94.   My vehicle is black.
95.   What is your contact information?