100 Most Common Questions in English

100 Most Common Questions in English

100 Most Common Questions in English

Are you studying English and looking for some practice with common questions? If so, this blog post is for you! We’ve compiled a list of 100 questions that are commonly asked in English. Whether you’re looking to improve your conversation skills or just want to brush up on your grammar, these questions will help you out. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Most Common Questions in English

1. Are you able to swim?
2.  Are you all right?
3.  Are you familiar with the Taj Hotel’s location?
4. Are you feeling under the weather?
5.  Are you planning on attending or not?
6.  Are you scared?
7. Are you sure you weren’t at the library last night?
8. Can you help me with this?
9. Could you perhaps speak a little louder?
10.   Could you please give me an example?
11.   Could you please give me the bill?
12.   Could you please show me your passport?
13.   Did you miss the ringing of the bell?
14.   Do you follow me?
15.   Do you get along with your coworkers?
16.   Do you have a cab phone number?
17.   Do you have a female companion?
18.   Do you have a meeting scheduled?
19.   Do you have a spouse?
20.   Do you have an issue?
21.   Do you have any idea what this means?
22.   Do you have any idea where my spectacles are?
23.   Do you hear what I’m saying?
24.   Do you know where I might be able to find a taxi?
25.   Do you think I’ll just let you go?
26.   Have you ever travelled to Delhi?
27.   Have you finished your food yet?
28.   Have you gone for a morning walk?
29.   Have you visited your hometown?
30.   How did you figure that out?

Common Questions for Beginners

31.   How is she doing?
32.   How many are there?
33.   How much does it cost?
34.   In the previous week, where had you been?
35.   Is anyone else planning to join us?
36.   Is everything in order?
37.   Is he happy at school?
38.   Is it a long way from here?
39.   Is it freezing outside?
40.   Is it hot outside?
41.   Is it necessary for me to wait?
42.   Is it okay if I turn off the light?
43.   Is it possible for me to borrow some funds?
44.   Is it possible for you to call me back later?
45.   Is it possible for you to call me back later?
46.   Is it possible for you to carry this for me?
47.   Is it possible to pay in US dollars?
48.   Is it pouring outside?
49.   Is it the same thing?
50.   Is the train on its way?
51.   Is there anything else you require?
52.   Is there anything else you require?
53.   Is there anything else?
54.   Is there anything less expensive?
55.   Is your brother among us?
56.   On the first of May, what day is it?
57.   So, what exactly are you looking for?
58.   So, what should I put on?
59.   So, what’s on your mind?
60.   Were there any difficulties?

Common Spoken English Questions

61.   What are their names?
62.   What are your thoughts?
63.   What country are you from?
64.   What country is he from?
65.   What did you do the day before yesterday?
66.   What did you do the night before?
67.   What do you have in your hand?
68.   What exactly are you looking for?
69.   What exactly are you two arguing about?
70.   What exactly are you up to?
71.   What exactly do they research?
72.   What exactly do you have?
73.   What exactly is it?
74.   What exactly is it?
75.   What exactly is this?
76.   What happened and where did it happen?
77.   What happened to him?
78.   What is the current temperature?
79.   What is the name of the firm where you work?
80.   What is your budget?
81.   What month are we in right now?
82.   What school does he attend?
83.   What time does the film begin?
84.   What time is it now?
85.   What went wrong?
86.   What were your thoughts on it?
87.   What’s going on?
88.   What’s in it, exactly?
89.   When are you going to come back?
90.   When does he get out of the office?
91.   When will he be able to come home?
92.   Where can I get a car rental?
93.   Where did you pick it up?
94.   Which is better, the big one or the little one?
95.   Which is the less expensive option?
96.   Which one is the most effective?
97.   Which one would you prefer?
98.   Who instructed you on that?
99.   Who is it, exactly?
100. Will you be attending their wedding?