+1000 Antonyms Words List in English

+1000 Antonyms Words List in English

+1000 Antonyms Words List in English

When learning a new language, one of the first things you’ll learn is different words for common actions and objects. English has many words that are synonyms – words with similar meanings. But it also has many antonyms – words with opposite meanings. This list includes more than 1000 antonyms, grouped by general topic. Learning these opposites can help you better understand and use English vocabulary.

1000 Antonyms Words List

Words Antonyms Words Antonyms
poverty wealth long short
forgivable unforgivable blunt sharp
important trivial hospitable rude
thick thin break repair
bitter sweet predator prey
demand supply nasty pleasant
miser spendthrift catch miss
harvest plant gain loss
general particular stand lie
even odd correct incorrect
conscientious neglectful accurate inaccurate
noon midnight simple hard
slave master awkward graceful
few many first final
woman man ally enemy
quiet loud ignorant educated
strict lenient evident doubtful
exterior interior: health disease
outstanding insignificant safe dangerous


Words Antonyms Words Antonyms
lazy industrious fear courage
busy idle cloudy clear
animal human death birth
sad happy old young
naughty good black white
bad good strong weak
lady gentleman powerful weak
hungry full sleep wake up
ceiling floor important unimportant
true false thin thick
loyal disloyal land take off
create destroy huge small
dusk dawn annoy satisfy
white black free restricted
after before work rest
asleep awake bring remove
shout whisper generous mean
lovely terrible servant master
permanent temporary raise lower
annoy soothe find lose
rapid slow heavy light
earth sky cruel kind
complex simple visible invisible
gentle rough external internal
attractive repulsive complete incomplete
blame praise patient impatient
under over love hate
in out easy hard
fresh old/stale against for


Words Antonyms Words Antonyms
on off cheap Expensive
strange normal entry exit
broad narrow difficult easy
extreme moderate near distance
legal illegal attack defend
visitor host bare covered
miss hit miss catch
there here lend borrow
hell heaven ugly beautiful
know guess east west
beginning end strengthen weaken
center edge famous unknown
agree disagree fortunate unfortunate
equal different now then
praise criticism winter summer
dim bright smart stupid
cowardly brave autumn spring
small big float sink
worst best hide seek
finish begin crazy sane
human animal happy sad
new ancient centre outskirts
play work understand misunderstand
tie untie most least
apart together compliment insult
landlord tenant capable incapable
opposite same behind in front of
fall rise prudent imprudent
inside outside despair hope
copy original low high
ignore notice adore hate
awful nice host guest
secondhand new arrest free
always never pass fail
niece nephew satisfied dissatisfied
major minor life death
profit loss rude courteous
win lose interrupt continue
big little voluntary compulsory
more less excited calm
borrow lend nice awful
sorrow joy bore amuse


Words Antonyms Words Antonyms
relevant irrelevant lack abundance
direct indirect no yes
damage improve right wrong
flat hilly best worst
clever foolish foolish wise
success failure over under
employer employee dawn sunset
honest dishonest frown smile
admit deny fat slim
careful careless brother sister
girl boy combine separate
excited bored abundant scarce
freeze boil polite rude
vanish appear loud quiet
listless active answer question
terrible wonderful ancient modern
town village solid liquid
pretty ugly early late
bold timid guilty innocent
failure success justice injustice
save spend enemy friend
plentiful scarce courage fear
unsafe safe ignite extinguish
monarchy republic exit entrance
change remain tough easy
sow reap swim drown
war peace marry divorce
future past vague definite
nephew niece laugh cry
maximum minimum straight crooked
dark light hero coward
first last wrong correct
effective ineffective rare common
disease health narrow broad
like hate be interested in bore
get give cellar attic
rear front calm windy
captive free tough tender
include exclude add subtract
adjacent distant lenient strict
conform dissent hard soft
obey disobey wake sleep
like dislike different similar
ascend descend smooth rough
arrive depart conceal reveal
alive dead advance retreat
expand contract stress relax
beginning conclusion unqualified qualified
heat cold public private
intentional accidental negative positive
ordinary unusual rude polite
gallant ungentlemanly charming obnoxious
alone together far near
loose tight artificial natural
body soul evening morning
deep shallow high low
hold release much little
satisfaction regret mature immature
transparent opaque joy grief
foreigner native boring exciting
single married begin end
brief long obedient disobedient
teach learn arrival departure
possible impossible live dead
feasible impossible floor ceiling
export import dark bright
healthy ill end begin
notice ignore forward backward
dry humid in front of back
cold hot pleasant awful
vertical horizontal satisfy annoy
back front gentle violent
melt freeze defeat victory
countryman foreigner rural urban
wise foolish downwards upwards
start finish weak strong
near far feeble strong
achieve fail sit stand
enter exit none some
increase decrease quick slow
light dark exposure shelter
cautious careless junior senior
question answer merry sad
before after poverty riches
lazy active forget remember
successful unsuccessful trap release
false true lower raise
vast tiny certainly probably
sour sweet entirely partly
large small gaunt overweight
big small within outside


Words Antonyms Words Antonyms
buy sell already not yet
dangerous safe neat messy
cheerful sad terrible lovely
poor rich outdoor indoor
admit reject stop go
give receive boil freeze
noisy quiet backward forward
instructor pupil congested empty
amateur professional bright dull
optimistic pessimistic humid dry
winner loser advantage disadvantage
tight loose lazy diligent
secure insecure independent dependent
exclude include courage cowardice
pure impure argue agree
apparent hidden nadir zenith
boy girl deposit withdraw
empty full lose win
remember forget doubt trust
native foreigner here there
moderate extreme stop start
import export sweet sour
friend enemy fat skinny
hope despair intelligent silly
constant changeable open shut
forgive blame grow shrink
little big punishment reward
ask answer front rear
disagree agree absent present
part whole close open
laugh weep vacant occupied
lock unlock care neglect
beautiful ugly right left
fat thin follow lead
antonym synonym serious jolly
tall short tolerant intolerant
spend save continue interrupt
risky safe exhale inhale
pre post polite impolite
yes no wife husband
nasty nice beneficial harmful
harsh mild many few
daytime midnight entrance exit
some many late early
ignorance knowledge identical different
hopeless hopeful ancestor descendant
allow forbid night day
firm flabby brave coward
fact fiction attic cellar
male female answer ask
real fake better worse
brighten fade scream whisper
nobody everybody land water
full empty cool warm
upstairs downstairs nice unpleasant
enjoy dislike giant tiny
comfort discomfort chubby thin
victory defeat customer supplier
accept decline moon sun
bless curse liquid solid
kind cruel speed up slow down
courageous cowardly freedom slavery
cease continue lure repel
drama comedy fake real
oral written private public
man woman doctor patient
tame wild then now
virtue vice all none
useful useless old new
lawful unlawful arrive leave
beauty ugliness regular irregular
yesterday tomorrow heaven hell
put on take off enjoy hate
fail succeed plant harvest
leave stay evil good
north south break fix
drunk sober calm excited


Words Antonyms Words Antonyms
boundless limited up down
help hinder admire detest
last first humane cruel
abridge expand warm cool
discourage encourage throw catch
encourage discourage fix break
construction destruction interesting boring
form destroy awake asleep
birth death husband wife
insult compliment useless useful
sunny cloudy ask tell
open close dense sparse
seller buyer fast slow
exciting boring noisy silent
amuse bore together separate
good luck bad luck funny sad
natural artificial poor rich
modern ancient capture release
child adult push pull
south north rich poor
wide narrow apparent obscure

+1000 Antonyms Words List in English +1000 Antonyms Words List in English +1000 Antonyms Words List in English +1000 Antonyms Words List in English +1000 Antonyms Words List in English +1000 Antonyms Words List in English