+1000 IELTS Vocabulary Words 2022

+1000 IELTS Vocabulary Words!

+1000 IELTS Vocabulary Words 2022

When studying for the IELTS exam, it’s important to have a large vocabulary arsenal at your disposal. After all, the test is designed to measure your ability to use language effectively in a variety of contexts. Luckily, there are plenty of online resources that can help you beef up your vocab skills. This list of +1000 IELTS Vocabulary Words is a great place to start! It includes definitions and example sentences for each word, so you can be sure you’re using them correctly. So what are you waiting for? Start studying today!

+1000 IELTS Vocabulary Words 2022

bashful shy, timid
change transform
contemporary modern
dumb stupid, dense
eternal never ending
glare stare in an angry way
annoy to disturb someone
benevolent / magnanimous kindhearted
cruel mean, heartless
delicate fragile
extra additional
garbage trash
answer response
blossom to grow
collect gather
dedicated committed
fetch to get
gloomy hazy or blur
allow permit
beg implore
counsel advise
defy resist, challenge
epitome best possible
fantastic great


acquit to release
blunder a very big mistake
confuse mixed up
detain punishment
envy to have something same what others
famous renowned
achieve accomplish
brave courageous, bold
comical amusing, funny
divide separate, split
fat chubby, plump, stout
glad happy
appreciation to applaud one’s effort
big large
collision collide
dubious doubtful, questionable
elite most talented
fuddy duddy
adamant firm
birth beginning
close shut
dawn sun rise
exemplary extra ordinary
false untrue
away absent


blanket ban complete ban on something
complex complicated
defend protect, shield
finish complete
grumble grouse
adroit expert
beautiful pretty
break fracture, burst
determined sure, convinced
ethical genuine
fire to throw out of job
amateur beginner
believe trust, accept
courage bravery, valor
deduct subtract, remove
fatal deadly, mortal, killing
hazard danger
amount quantity
begin commence
chaos noisy situation
discount reduction
fill load, pack
get receive
alike same
awful terrible
compassion ready to serve
diverse different, distinct


enormous vast, immense, colossal (big synonym)
formerly previously
abandon/abort to leave something
beginning start, initiate
constraint limitation / compulsion
deliberate planned
encourage promote, support, urge
fast quick
amicable helpful
bias revoke
choosy picky
exit leave
fiction fantasy, untruth, myth
hurry rush
ambience environment
calamity disaster
considerate thoughtful
despise hate, detest, loathe
exaggerate over pound
freak insane
aid help
behoove merit
calm quiet, tranquil
dull blunt, dreary
frivolous trivial, unimportant, silly
grab seize
aggressive assertive
broad wide
correct right


deceased Dead
except apart from
gaunt scrawny, skinny, thin
assault attack
coarse bumpy, rough
cunning clever
drab dull
eager keen
fun entertaining
ample/myriad of/ numerous lots of
clarify explain, simplify
disclose reveal
exempt except that
great outstanding, remarkable
add increase
approve accept
confine restrict
dilemma state of confusion
forbid to deny
grim sounding very serious
adversity difficulty
ask inquire
blot/stigma black spot (disgrace)
dispute debate, oppose
far flung very far away
gaudy showy, garish, vulgar
accurate correct
anxious nervous
blank empty


destitute poor, penniless
eye opener show reality
fair unbiased
accord agreement
arrive reach
compress to press
dusk sun set
enjoy like, appreciate
future coming, tomorrow
allure attract
beautiful pretty, attractive (pretty synonyms)
candid straight forward
demeanor behavior / character
emphatically forcefully
fortunate lucky
adequate sufficient
bottom base, foundation
connect join, link, attach
elevate lift
funny amusing
handover to give
belly stomach
chubby plump, pudgy
coy shy
daybreak dawn
escalate increase
fluke bi-chance
abroad overseas
assets earnings
bizarre weird
deteriorate something gets worse


face lift to modify something
gesture actions we use while speaking
active energetic
astonishing surprising
confine contain, enclose
deliberate something planned
fraction part, portion, segment
hire to recruit
always forever
charismatic having magical powers
crazy insane, daft, mad
dirty soiled, messy
easy simple (easy synonym)
furious angry, enraged, infuriated
ambition dreams
before prior, earlier
courteous polite, civil
descendent next generation
flinches demerit
glitter sparkle
amiable friendly
best finest, choice
chilly cool, nippy
dash sprint
evaluate assess
glossy shiny
agility quickness
blend combine, mix
curb to control
disgrace shame


entrepreneur own businessman
flaw mistake
antique old item
berserk gone mad
correct accurate, right
desperate fanatic/extremist
enormous huge
ferry boat
admit confess
baby infant
bread and butter livelihood
dire need huge need for something
enlarge expand, magnify
good fine
beneficial helpful, useful
candy sweets
couch potato who watches lot of tv
destiny fate
fragile week
generous giving, selfless
agree consent
awful dreadful, atrocious
congested tight area
elitist choosy or selective
gain acquire, obtain
abstraction to deduct
angry mad
center middle
daring bold, audacious
envisage imagine it’s true
fate destiny
authentic genuine
bucket pail
conform comply, submit
evil bad
fatal dangerous
hop to jump a bit
attire dress
brief short, concise
conflict fight, battle, struggle
deter hinder, prevent
execute to start


gut feeling inner voice
becoming fitting
buy purchase
contrary opposite
dearth/scarcity lack of something
elevate raise
fatigue tire, exhaust
ambitious aspiring
chatter box excess talkative
crumble something breaks in small pieces
delicate fragile, dainty
function operate
huge vast, immense, great
below under, lower
close near, imminent
cranky cross, irritable
enquire investigate
flippant excess talkative
high elevated, lofty
betray to fraud someone
complete total
curse to bane someone
docile tame, gentle
exactly precisely
guilt regret
alteration change
chiefly mainly
contrary opposite
disagree differ, dispute
frigid freezing, frosty
glimpse a brief look

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