2 Types of Articles | Definite & Indefinite Articles, Examples + Worksheets

An article could be a word that describes the noun or noun to indicate whether or not it refers to one thing precisely or not. A piece of writing also can be secure as a kind of adjective as they also tell US one thing regarding the nouns, like adjectives.

There are 2 forms of articles within the English, they’re indefinite articles (a, an) and definite articles (the).

Types of Articles with Examples

There are 2 forms of articles, definite and indefinite, that area unit is explained below.

1) Definite Articles

Definite suggests that to be pure, exact, or intelligible regarding one thing. It’s known as definite as a result of its use regarding a definite issue or person. “The ” in an English article is inserted to talk to specific nouns, the indefinite of that area unit. The article shows that the noun is particular. The speaker talks about a couple of specific issues.

For example,

  1. The Cat Sat on the divan.
  2. The dog attacked the American state and ran away.
  3. I’ll choose you from the field.
  4. We have a tendency to spend all day at the seashore.

2) Indefinite Articles

Indefinite suggests that one thing that isn’t clear, obvious, or exact. they’re known as indefinite as a result of the identity of the issue or person being spoken regarding as left unclear or indefinite. The article specifies that the noun isn’t somebody or one thing above all. The speaker talks regarding any of those issues. The indefinite articles in English area unit “a” and “an.”

For Example,

  1. does one have a car?
  2. I would like to own an Associate in Nursing iPhone.
  3. I’ve bought soccer.
  4. He’s got a girlfriend.

Where articles shouldn’t be used?

The usage of articles is one of the foremost confusing things to recollect for several English learners. it’s not forever necessary to use articles all over. Our tip is to recollect the cases wherever articles shouldn’t be used.

We should not use articles:

1# after we point out things generally.

For example, I prefer birds.

Here, the speaker desires to imply that he/she likes any bird generally and not a selected kind of bird.

2# after we area unit talking regarding plural count nouns.

For example; Dogs create nice pets.

Here, you’re not talking regarding one specific dog or one specific pet; we have a tendency to are talking regarding all dogs generally.

3# after we area unit talking regarding non-count nouns.

For example; I like music.

Here, the speaker is voice communication that he enjoys music, generally – not any specific quiet music or song.

4# after we area unit talking regarding specific days or holidays, geography, companies, language.

For example; I actually have bought candles for Diwali.

Here, the speaker is talking regarding the candles he has bought to use on the day of Diwali.

5# after we area unit talking about earth science.

Articles were not  used before, states, countries, towns, single lakes, cities, continents, single mountains, etc.

For example, Mr. Ali is a component of a range of mountain geological formations.

Here, Mr. Ali is one mountain, whereas the range of mountains talks to a bunch of mountains.


2 Types of Articles | Definite & Indefinite Articles, Examples + Worksheets 2 Types of Articles | Definite & Indefinite Articles, Examples + Worksheets