20 Nominative Case Noun Examples

20 Nominative Case Noun Examples

20 Nominative Case Noun Examples

Nouns denoting people:

  1. The boy is hungry.
  2. I met a girl from Sweden yesterday.
  3. The men working over there are fixing the roof.
  4. That man buys coffee every morning on his way to work.
  5. Do you know Mrs. Brown, the history teacher?

Nouns denoting things:

  1. A new house is being built next door.
  2. The sun is very hot today.
  3. There are some oranges on the kitchen table.
  4. What time does the library close?
  5. Please feed my cat while I’m on vacation.

Nouns denoting animals:

  1. I saw a snake in the garden yesterday.
  2. The dog is barking at the cat again.
  3. Do you want to play fetch with me?
  4. That bird can’t fly because it has a broken wing.
  5. My parents had a cat and a dog when I was a kid.

Nouns denoting abstractions:

  1. Your remarks are unnecessary.
  2. He is being very inconsiderate today.
  3. You are making this much more complicated than it needs to be!
  4. She has made up her mind, so you can stop trying to change it.
  5. After the argument they had, their relationship is probably over.