20 Possessive Case Examples

20 Possessive Case Examples

20 Possessive Case Examples

1) This pen of mine is old and doesn’t work anymore.

2) Is this bag of yours new?

3) That’s a nice jacket of hers.

4) I found the book belonging to you on my shelf.

5) Theirs is a very interesting life story.

6) May I have a look at your phone, please?

7) My sister and I went shopping together.

8) Where is my brother going with that shovel in his hand?

9) I have a recipe book belonging to my mother.

10) What are your parent’s names?

11) Yours is the second house on the left.

12) I know where my neighbors keep their extra key.

13) These shoes of mine are new and still have the price tag attached to them.

14) That’s the friend I was telling you about.

15) That car isn’t hers, it’s her brother’s.

16) I’ve never heard of this restaurant belonging to you before.

17) Yours is the best recipe in my opinion.

18) Is that your book, or his?

19) Whose dog is that?

20) That isn’t their house; it must be their neighbors’.