4 Interesting English Stories for Kids – Reading and Writing

English reading task is very important to speak English. Kids love listening and reading to stories. In this post you we have mentioned 4 interesting stories full of moral lesson and feelings. These interesting English stories for kids will also help your kids to learn new English words.

Interesting English Stories for Kids

1. Sana and the Angel

Sana never did her homework. She likes to play with dolls all the time. He says doing homework is “very tiring”. Her teachers always told her, “Baby! Do your homework all the time or you won’t be able to get good grades in exams.” But what could he do? He hated homework. One day while playing with dolls, her aunt brought her cat to Sana’s house. Sana was surprised to see the cat playing with the doll. Kitty was her aunt’s cat name. Hold the doll. Oh! But it was not a doll at all, but a man who was too young and screaming for help. She was wearing a sharp witch-shaped hat. He shouted, “Save me, do not take me back to that cat. I will give it to you

“I wish, I promise you that!” Sana couldn’t believe how lucky she was! The little man’s face was as wrinkled as a piece of cloth. But I will do it. ”

And then the little ant began to do Sana’s homework. But the ant did not know what to do and needed help. And Sana will have to help her in everything she does.

“I don’t know the word,” shouted the angel, “find a dictionary and look up the word”. And then the little ant began to do Sana’s homework. But the ant did not know what to do and needed help. And Sana will have to help her in everything she does.

“I don’t know the word,” shouted the angel, “find a dictionary and look up the word”.

Then it was mathematical time, “what are the time tables?” The angel exclaimed: “We did not do that, merging, dividing, and multiplying. Sit next to me and guide me. The Elves do not know about history and science. Go to the library, I need books. Additional books. And you can help me read them. “The little ant became bored again! Sana was working harder than before. She slept at night and went to school with her eyes bulging and red.

Finally the last day of school came and the fairy was free to go now. About homework was gone, and she slipped out the back door.

Sana received first place in the class and her students were amazed, her teachers smiled and praised her and her parents, they wondered what happened to Sana. Now she was a model child, cleaning her room, doing her chores, happy and irreverent, and she had a new attitude.

4 Interesting English Stories for Kids – Reading and Writing

2. District Show – Short Story

Last Sunday I went to a district show with my family. It was held in the center of our village. It was Sunday morning. Me, my parents, my younger sister Sana and my brother Fahad came out of our house and took the road to the exhibition. From a distance we heard drums and bells.

After a short walk we arrived at the stadium. There was a crowd of people, and everyone was dressed in colorful clothes. Every colored dress. Everyone was happy. They were laughing, shouting, singing and dancing.

Food stalls such as “Jalaibi” “Qatlama” and “Pakoras” have attracted a large group of people. They were shouting very fast. The children were crowded around a toy dealer (toys made of clay), who were sitting on the floor with toys in front of him. The toys were painted in bright black colors. My father bought a ceramic kitchen item for my doll house, my little brother’s horses, and my little sister’s doll.

Soon there was rejoicing. The sweet and joyful cries of the children filled the air. Nearby, the juggler was showing off his tricks. Standing there, we heard a loud shout, “Come on, come on, come on – see a miracle, half-man-monster.” \ come and see. We turned to see the “miracle of wonders”.

After that we drank ice cream, my parents drank tea with “Samosas”. Then we decided to return home. It was 50 o’clock at night. We were tired and dusty, but we were very happy.

4 Interesting English Stories for Kids – Reading and Writing

3. The Result Day – Short Story

I will always remember the day the result of the announcement of class III (third) principal. I had excellent grades and was leading the way in my class. My parents decided to organize a party. I texted all my friends and relatives to come in the evening.

At 4 o’clock, my friends started arriving. We played different games and laughed with jokes. What a wonderful day! I will always remember that day in my heart. As we were busy drinking and eating. Dad entered the room talking on his cell phone, his face radiant with joy. He told us that my brother was coming that night. My brother had gone to study abroad. Now, five years later, he was back. I felt very happy and proud.

At ten o’clock that night, we all went to the airport to greet my brother. The plane landed on time, and he ran out to my father. Then he came up to me and hugged me. My mother wept with joy and my brother with tears in his eyes. It was a heartwarming experience. After dinner he took out his luggage and gave us the gifts he had brought for us. He donated a fountain pen and a remote controlled airplane. These two things will always be a symbol for Nadir as he happily looks at his blue Salwar kameez and the blue cap woven with strings of gold glistening in the sun. She stroked her new dress with the love she would wear on the day of Eid to pray.

4 Interesting English Stories for Kids – Reading and Writing

4. Nadir and His Father

Eid was only five days away. When Nadir came home after school, his mother told him the good news that his father would be going to ‘Eid Gaah’ with him. Nadir waited for his father to return from the Kashmir border. His father was in the Pakistan army and was sent there. The next day when she returned home from the store, she found her mother sitting in the living room. She looked depressed.

Nadir: Mom, what’s the problem?

Mother: I’m sorry, Nadir, your father’s vacation has been canceled. She can’t come home for Eid.

Nadir’s heart ached!

Nadir: But Mom, Dad promised to come, didn’t he?

Mother: I know son. But it must do jobs for our country. Be courageous.

Nadir went to his room and cried. Just two days before Eid, he prayed for the safety of his father and others. On the 29th of Ramadan after prayers they go to the podium to observe the moon. It was there! So the next day was Eid. On Eid morning, Nadir was wearing his new outfit after bathing but he was very upset. His friends Arif, Nasir and Omer came to wish him Eid Mubarak.

All his friends were going to ‘Eid Gaah‘ to do Eid prayers with his father, but Nadir was not there, he was going to pray at home. He went and sat in the corner. He prayed and prayed that his father would not come. At that moment, the doorbell rang, and she hurried to open the door. He could not believe his eyes, and his father was astonished. Her Io prayers were answered, she received a real Eid gift. Father: Nadir, let’s hurry as the prayers begin. My commander let me go, since the troops had already arrived. Now Nadir was very happy, he walked happily looking at ‘Eid Gaah’ with his father.

4 Interesting English Stories for Kids – Reading and Writing