20 Examples of Plural Nouns in Sentences

20 Examples of Plural Nouns in Sentences

Plural Nouns

Plural nouns are words used to indicate more than one person, place, thing, or idea. In English, most plural nouns are formed by adding -s or -es to the singular form of the noun. However, there are some irregular plural nouns that do not follow this rule.

Examples of regular plural nouns formed by adding -s:

  • dog -> dogs
  • book -> books
  • car -> cars
  • house -> houses
  • city -> cities

Examples of regular plural nouns formed by adding -es:

  • box -> boxes
  • church -> churches
  • bus -> buses
  • watch -> watches
  • brush -> brushes

Examples of irregular plural nouns:

  • child -> children
  • foot -> feet
  • tooth -> teeth
  • mouse -> mice
  • person -> people

It’s important to note that some nouns have the same singular and plural form, such as sheep, deer, and fish. Additionally, some nouns are uncountable and do not have a plural form, such as water, air, and love.

20 Examples of Plural Nouns in Sentences

  1. The children played in the park.
  2. The dogs barked loudly.
  3. The books on the shelf were all different.
  4. The houses on the street were all painted different colors.
  5. The cars in the parking lot were all different models.
  6. The cities in the state are all unique.
  7. The boxes were heavy to carry.
  8. The churches in the area are all historic landmarks.
  9. The buses were all full of passengers.
  10. The watches on the display were all expensive.
  11. The brushes were all different sizes and shapes.
  12. The women in the group all wore colorful dresses.
  13. The men in the group all wore black suits.
  14. The plates on the table were all clean.
  15. The forks and knives were all shiny.
  16. The mice in the barn were causing trouble.
  17. The geese were honking loudly.
  18. The people in the crowd were cheering loudly.
  19. The leaves on the trees were all different colors.
  20. The apples in the basket were all ripe.


Examples of Singular Nouns

5 Examples of Plural Nouns

20 Examples of Plural Nouns in Sentences

1) Cats:

Cats are playful animals.

2) Apples:

Apples grow on trees.

3) Desks:

Desks are useful for studying.

4) Houses:

Houses have kitchens and bathrooms.

5) Rooms:

Rooms need to be cleaned.

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