10 Examples of Suffixes in Sentences

5 Examples of Suffixes in Sentences! Using suffixes correctly can add precision and clarity to your written communications. If you’re looking for help understanding when and how to use common suffixes correctly in your writing, then look no further.

This blog post will provide five examples of commonly used suffixes found within sentences and explain their accurate usage in detail. Perfect your grammar skills by learning all about suffixes today!

Suffixes: A suffix is a word ending that is added to the end of a root word to change its meaning. Suffixes are the mainstay of English vocabulary, used to create many thousands of words.

10 Examples of Suffixes in Sentences

10 Examples of Suffixes in Sentences

  1. The dog barked loudly, waking up the whole neighborhood.
  2. We were amazed by the magician’s performance.
  3. The soup had a spiciness that I found irresistible.
  4. The weather forecast predicts heavy rainfall in the afternoon.
  5. The teacher assigns homework every day after class.
  6. The store sells a wide variety of colorful clothing.
  7. The squirrel quickly climbed the tree to escape from the cat.
  8. The young athlete showed great strength during the competition.
  9. The whole family was excited about the upcoming vacation.
  10. The government will regulate the use of certain chemicals in industries.

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Suffixes With Meaning and Example Sentences

1) -able

Meaning: Can be done or happened.

Example: That is an acceptable answer.

2) -tion

Meaning: The act of something.

Example: This is a condition for me to stay in your house.

3) -age

Meaning: Amount of something.

Example: The advantage of the vehicle is irrelevant.

4) ed

Meaning: Past tense of verbs.

Example: She walked home.

5) en

Meaning: Made of or turned into something.

Example: I made a wooden desk.

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