5 Mammals Names in English and Pictures

5 Mammals Animals Names in English and Pictures

5 Mammals Names in English and Pictures

Mammals: Mammals are the animals that have fur or hair and give milk to their young. Mammals are a great source of protein. Below are 5 names of mammals that are eaten as food:

1) Cat: Cats are cute, furry creatures that like to sleep and play. Most people keep them as pets in their homes.

2) Dog: Dogs are also popular pets that come in lots of different shapes and sizes. They’re known for being loyal and friendly animals.

3) Pig: Pigs are large, pink animals that like to eat and wallow in the mud. They’re kept as pigs for meat, but sometimes people also keep them as pets.

4) Cow: Cows are brown animals that live on farms and give milk. You can get beef, chicken, pork, etc. from cows.

5) Horse: Horses are large animals that are used for transportation, racing, and sometimes as pets. They’re known for being gentle and friendly creatures.