5 Types of Descriptive Paragraphs, Paragraph Writing Examples

Descriptive paragraph is a paragraph that is basically a key device in English literature. It provides brief description about certain occasion or topics through different ways. It provides suitable detail of the topic. Descriptive paragraph it selfish formed by the combination of different key tools. It starts with a descriptive sentence that describes the topic. A well written descriptive paragraph includes the five sense to create interest in the reader. When you are writing a descriptive paragraph you are explaining something. When you are doing this you must keep in mind that you allow your reader to see what you are writing. You should use strong words and adjectives. Adjectives are used to describe nouns. Descriptive paragraph is used to explain about a certain topic. These paragraphs are written in a specific style.

Types of Descriptive Paragraphs:

Descriptive paragraph can be written in a few ways depending on writes point of view. A descriptive paragraph relies on neutral words.

Narrative writing:

It is a type of descriptive paragraph which requires some kind of story that you convey. It includes two categories fiction and non-fiction. The main function of fiction writing is to am use the reader while is to non- fiction narrative describes personal life of someone, it is also based on true story that is a useable the fiction but it makes the reader’s connection with writer’s personal opinion.

Paragraph Construction:

To make a paragraph must pay attention to a specific topic. In this regard you should construct your paragraph on some basic parts. First of all, describe about opening these sentence the about details of topics and in the last tell about closing the sentence. Opening of the sentence tells the reader about what kind it is and details about the topics gives reader more information. Closing of a sentences your whole topics.

Expository paragraph:

It is a type of descriptive paragraph. These paragraphs give detail about something or provides information. It also explains about specific process. Writer can use its own information and knowledge in these kind of paragraphs.

Percussive paragraph:

Another type of descriptive paragraph is persuasive paragraph in which the writer gives its own thoughts about a topic. These paragraphs also consist of facts and information, which makes the writer’s opinion more clear to reader idea. The structure is similar to expository piece. The main purpose of persuasive. paragraph to reader towards convince the writer idea.

The tone or language of the writer is full of potential, because the main caught purpose is to reaction.

Literary Paragraph:

Another type of descriptive paragraph is literary paragraph.  Which is related literature. These paragraph Consists of criticism. It does not mean that the writer wants to criticize price of literature. The main concern paragraph is the story of to examine, poem, novel, play essay and piece of literature. The writer has to choose any concept of piece an of literature and then must examine this concept through all of the aspects. Literary paragraph also contains. quotation which Supports the observations of the writer the main & concept Towards the main concept.