50 Examples of Present Indefinite Tense

50 Examples of Present Indefinite Tense!

Present Simple Tense: Used to describe habitual actions, general truths, or permanent states.

Example: “I walk to work every day.”

Structure of Present Simple Tense

Affirmative: Subject + Base Verb (s/es for third person singular)

Negative: Subject + do/does + not + Base Verb

Interrogative: Do/Does + Subject + Base Verb?

50 Sentences of Present Simple Tense

  1. I drink coffee every morning.
  2. She plays the guitar very well.
  3. He studies mathematics at university.
  4. They always arrive on time.
  5. We like to go on hikes.
  6. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  7. My sister works as a nurse.
  8. Dogs bark when they see strangers.
  9. The earth revolves around the sun.
  10. She speaks French fluently.
  11. We eat dinner at 7 pm every night.
  12. He watches TV in the evening.
  13. They listen to music while they work.
  14. She runs five miles every day.
  15. I clean my room every weekend.
  16. He writes poetry in his free time.
  17. We enjoy watching movies on the weekends.
  18. She sings in the church choir.
  19. They visit their grandparents every month.
  20. He teaches English as a second language.
  21. The moon orbits around the earth.
  22. I go to the gym three times a week.
  23. She reads books for pleasure.
  24. We take a walk in the park every morning.
  25. He likes to play video games in his spare time.
  26. They volunteer at the local shelter every weekend.
  27. She practices yoga every day.
  28. We prefer to travel by car.
  29. He always wears a suit to work.
  30. They spend their weekends camping in the mountains.
  31. She loves to paint and draw.
  32. We listen to podcasts on our daily commute.
  33. He enjoys cooking for his family.
  34. They go swimming in the ocean every summer.
  35. She studies art history at university.
  36. We meet our friends for coffee every Friday.
  37. He speaks several languages fluently.
  38. They donate to charity regularly.
  39. She coaches a youth soccer team.
  40. We attend church every Sunday.
  41. He repairs cars for a living.
  42. They take their dog for a walk every afternoon.
  43. She plays tennis every weekend.
  44. We have a family game night every Wednesday.
  45. He works as a computer programmer.
  46. They love to travel and explore new places.
  47. She tutors high school students in math and science.
  48. We plant a vegetable garden every spring.
  49. He enjoys hiking in the mountains.
  50. They watch the sunset over the ocean every evening.

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20 Sentences in Present Simple Tense (Negative Examples):

  1. I don’t like coffee.
  2. She doesn’t play basketball.
  3. They don’t eat meat.
  4. He doesn’t watch TV in the morning.
  5. We don’t have any pets.
  6. You don’t speak Spanish fluently.
  7. The sun doesn’t rise in the west.
  8. My friend doesn’t smoke cigarettes.
  9. The cat doesn’t like to be petted.
  10. It doesn’t rain much in this desert region.
  11. They don’t believe in ghosts.
  12. She doesn’t wear glasses.
  13. He doesn’t take sugar in his tea.
  14. We don’t go to the gym on weekends.
  15. The train doesn’t arrive on time.
  16. You don’t need to buy new shoes.
  17. My sister doesn’t live in the city.
  18. He doesn’t have a car.
  19. They don’t listen to music while studying.
  20. It doesn’t snow in this part of the country.

20 Sentences in Present Simple Tense (Interrogative Examples):

  1. Do you like pizza?
  2. Does he speak French?
  3. Do they study every day?
  4. Does she have any siblings?
  5. Do we need to bring our equipment?
  6. Do you know the answer?
  7. Does the bus stop here?
  8. Do they enjoy hiking?
  9. Does he play the guitar?
  10. Do you prefer tea or coffee?
  11. Does she work in the same office as you?
  12. Do we have enough time to finish the project?
  13. Does the restaurant serve vegetarian food?
  14. Do they like to watch movies?
  15. Does he live in this neighborhood?
  16. Do you need any help?
  17. Does she take the bus to work?
  18. Do we need to make a reservation?
  19. Does the store close at 9 pm?
  20. Do they often go on vacation together?

50 Examples of Present Indefinite Tense


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