About Us

About Us

We are English Grammar ESL. A website working day and night to provide ESL Lesson for the student learning English. We have Vocabulary lesson on different topics as well as grammar lesson that will help you in learning English as a second language.

We are planning to add a lot of vocabulary and grammar to help student learn English. We are starting with the parts of speech and planning to cover everything step by step. It is no more difficult to learn English grammar and vocabulary and to speak English. We are currently focused on English to Urdu Lesson. English to Urdu Spoken vocabulary, English to Urdu spoken sentences and phrases.

There are a lot of students learning English and they are looking for a platform that can provide free of cost ESL grammar and vocabulary material and that’s why we have planned to create a platform that has all the different thing and a system that can help the student to achieve what they want and the level of accent and many more.

We are continuously working on the lesson plan and to develop new thing for you. We are looking forward your suggestion in this regard to make us better.


English Grammar ESL was created with the aim of making learning English grammar easy for students around the world. You can learn all aspects of English Grammar here in detail step by step.

Our website contains English lessons for students studying in different stages. Our lessons have been prepared keeping in mind that how someone can learn any foreign language easily when he/she has sound knowledge of his mother tongue. Thus, our blog will be immensely useful for those who are familiar with basic English words because we have focused on teaching through basic English so that everyone feels quite comfortable while learning English from home without wasting any time.


Our main motive behind this blog is to help those students who face difficulties in learning English grammar. We have short notes of all the topics with examples which will surely benefit the student. Moreover, we are planning to included a number of video tutorials as well as study material with explanations and exercise along with solutions for practice questions.

We are working on the large number of exercises to help you practice what you’ve learned throughout the course. And since many people would prefer reading lessons from books or other printed materials, we have also added them from time to time from trusted sources.

In addition, we will be glad if our readers send us their feedback about any missed or incorrectly added lessons. We will be pleased to have your suggestions regarding the development of our website so that we could serve you better. Our blog is fun and engaging because, here, you can interact with English Grammar ESL by commenting on any post or message in the comment box below it.

So, please stop searching for other websites which might confuse you instead come directly to English Grammar ESL. Best of Luck!

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About Us