20+ Birds Names in English with their Characteristics

Here in this lesson ESL students will study birds names. You can use this lesson for teaching, students who are studying English. List of Bird Names in English with explanation. Birds are flying mammals. They are warm blooded, feathered, egg-laying vertebrates. Biologists classify them as a biological class, Aves. There are nearly 10,000 different species of birds in the world today.

Birds differ from other animals in many ways. Most birds are covered with feathers instead of fur or scales like other animals. Feathered wings make birds unique among animals. Most birds are able to fly, which makes them different from any other group of animals. Birds come in all different shapes and sizes.

Let us move towards our list of bird names in english.

Birds Names in English

20+ Birds Names in English with their Characteristics


Parrot is a beautiful bird. It is also called as psittacine. Parrots are bird that live in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. They found every continent except for Antarctica.

They often have a strong grasp and can grip objects tightly with their bill, feet, and claws although parrots do not have a great sense of touch which they use to hold objects.


Sparrows are small, brownish birds also called as passerine. They live in most parts of the world and often adapt to human environments such as farms and cities.

They eat grains and seeds. Sparrows like other members of Passeridae (Old World sparrows). They produce large clutches at a time which means they lay many eggs at once which they almost always up to four and may even lay as many as a dozen.


Eagles are large birds of prey that live mostly in the higher latitudes. Eagles usually eat meat such as fish, snakes, rabbits and squirrels. They also prey on smaller birds and mammals such as ducks or rodents.


Hawks are medium-sized birds of prey that live mostly in North America, Africa and Eurasia. They usually eat rodents, small mammals such as rabbits, amphibians, lizards and other birds.


Robins are a group of passerine birds that belong to the thrush family Turdidae . Robins come in many different colors but they can be recognized by their red or pink breast and brown back. In Britain the Robin is one of the most popular garden bird species. They have a black triangular mask around their eyes which males have a darker face than females do.


Crows are medium-sized passerine birds. Usually crows have a black color and they eat meat. There are many types of crows that vary in size and behavior, including the American crow, the hooded crow and the rook.


Seagulls also called as seahawks or sea hawks, they normally fly on coastlines searching for food such as fish or scraps from fishermens nets. They often swim skillfully if they need to take cover from predators but does not normally dive underwater.


Doves are medium-sized birds that are often called the “symbol of peace” because they produce a cooing sound that symbolizes peace. This noise is made with their mouths closed to create the distinctive and rhythmic “dove coo”.


A male Pheasant is called as a rooster, and a female pheasant is called as a hen. Male Pheasants have brightly colored feathers and long tails which can grow up to 12 inches (30 cm) long in some species such as the Green Peafowl. Female pheasants usually lack bright colors on their feathers. Instead they make up for it by having ornate patterns on them such as spots or stripes.


Kiwis are one of the world’s smallest and rarest birds. Kiwi is a flightless nocturnal bird that has poor vision but an extraordinary sense of smell, it uses its long beak to sniff out food such as worms and insects.


Owls are birds of prey that hunt mostly during the night and mostly on the ground. Owls have special feathers that help them fly silently, which is why they can sneak up on their prey before they reach it. They also use their sharp talons to capture their prey.


A peacock is a male peafowl. The male has a brightly colored fan-shaped crest on its head and very long tail feathers. Peacocks use their long colorful tails to attract breeding females and scare away other rival males who will try to fight them for mating rights.


Ostriches are large, flightless birds that can grow up to 6ft (1.8m) tall and weigh as much as 300lbs (136kg). They have black or brown plumage with long eyelashes that help keep dirt from getting in their eyes when they are searching for food such as seeds or roots which they find by digging with their heads or feet.


Larks are small terrestrial birds that mostly eat seeds and some insects. They have a distinctive singing flight song which males, females and young perform together as a family group.


A diver is a type of seabird, the order name for this bird is Procellariiformes . The Black-throated Loon or Diver is an alcid from the order of procellariiformes. Divers are also often called loons which is a reference to either their eerie howling calls or their swimming position with their bodies submerged but their eyes and mouth exposed on top of the water.


Many people believe that ravens were one of the first birds ever created because they appear in many different cultures mythology stories such as those from Northern Europe and many Native American tribes. Ravens are often considered to be the smartest birds because they have been known to solve problems, use tools and even communicate with humans when in captivity.


An adult goose has a webbed feet, short legs and a long flat bill. Their goslings are born with brown down feathers that fade after about 18 months until their final juvenile plumage appears.


A penguin is any of 17 species of flightless seabirds living almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in Antarctica. Penguins have streamlined bodies to minimize drag while swimming, wings adapted for use under water and webbed feet to propel them through the water just as ducks do on land.


The swan is both beautiful and graceful. They float majestically across lakes without much effort, even when they’re traveling against the wind or current of the water. Swans eat underwater plants and small creatures such as fish, frogs and even baby turtles.


A cockatoo is a parrot that is characterized by their conspicuous crests and curved bills. Cockatoos are very intelligent birds, they have the ability to mimic human voices which has made them popular pets around the world.


Peacocks are male peafowl while peahens are female peacocks. Peacocks use their colorful tails to attract females during mating season which runs from winter to summer. The peacock’s colorful tail is also used as a distraction against predators.


The cuckoo is well-known for laying its eggs in other birds nests, usually those of smaller bird species . This allows the baby cuckoo to be raised by another mother without having to work or care for it themselves.


Woodpeckers are small to medium sized birds with chisel-like beaks, long sticky tongues and relatively short tails. Some woodpeckers have crests on their head but most don’t. They use changes in pitch and inflection when calling to communicate different types of messages.

20+ Birds Names in English with their Characteristics 20+ Birds Names in English with their Characteristics