100 Examples of a Proper Noun in Sentences

A proper noun is a specific, unique name for a particular person, place or thing. Learning how to use proper nouns correctly in sentences is essential for clear communication. Here are 100 examples of proper nouns being used correctly in sentences. Enjoy!

100 Examples of a Proper Noun in Sentences

Below are examples of a Proper noun:

1) Los Angeles is the capital of California.

2) James Bond was a famous secret agent.

3) Where did you find my glasses?

4) Did you take my car keys?

5) The king and his family live in the palace.

6) Where does this street lead to?

7) Please put your bag under your seat and press your buzzer for assistance.

8) It’s nice weather today, isn’t it?  : – )

9) I can’t believe she actually said that!!

10) Harry Potter is an amazing book about magic!

11) Our group is called The Dirt Bikers.

12) I just saw the cutest puppy!

13) Don’t stand there like a moron, say something!

14) This year’s World Series will be played in St. Louis.

15) I only eat red apples; yellow apples give me gas..

16) My home country was destroyed by an earthquake.

17) Can you please tell the truth?

18) Where do you live?

19) John can speak French Fluently.

20) We are all humans, not chimpanzees orillas–we are human beings!!!

21) Mike is making his lunch for school tomorrow.

22) Who’s your homeroom teacher?

23) This U.S. citizen was born in Detroit, Michigan.

24) We all live on this blue planet called Earth!

25) It’s the third door on the left down those stairs over there.

26) The old theater was so beautiful and had such wonderful architecture.

27) Take out the trash or it will smell up our whole house!

28) Margo is sitting at her desk right now watching Netflix with bowl of cereal.

29) My dog’s name is Biscuit.

30) I’m visiting New Orleans for the first time tomorrow morning!

31) They drove over 100 miles to see us today.

32) The toy train was chugging up the hillside.

33) Please do not make any sudden movements while these animals are in captivity.

34) The solar system has nine planets, not seven!

35) Can you hand me that pencil?

36) Stop talking and listen to what I have to say!

37) I think carrots are tasty vegetables!

38) This big river is the Mississippi.

39) My sister lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

40) That man over there just hit his head on the ceiling.

41) Will you dance with me?

42) Hello, my name is Mark Twain.

43) Can you cook an omelet for me please?

44) Look at what she’s wearing!

45) There are many famous people from New York City including Jay Z and Madonna!

46) Who else wants some ice cream?

47) I like to eat chocolate cake on my birthday!

48) This house has a brick exterior and wood interior.

49) I love spending time with my family and friends at the beach during the summertime.

50) You can use my computer after I leave, as long as you do not delete anything!

51) Please let go of my arm; you’re hurting me.

52) The new James Bond film will premiere tomorrow night.

53) Please do not remove these items from the shelf as they belong to another customer.

54) The blue whale is the largest creature on earth.

55) My birthday is next week and I’m going to get a new phone!

56) He is wearing a blue striped shirt and jeans.

57) There’s never enough time to do all of the things you want in life.

58) Yesterday we stayed home and watched movies all day!

59) I went for a walk across the bridge today and it was lovely!

60) John is currently in London, England studying abroad.

61) I love swimming in the ocean because it’s so much fun!

62) The two sisters are visiting their grandmother after school today.

63) This book is about a girl who has five sisters.

64) Let’s go to the mall tonight and buy some new clothes!

65) I was sitting on the couch watching TV when my phone rang.

66) My dog has really bad breath!

67) We went to the park last week, but it was a bit boring.

68) I am going to the library tomorrow to return some books and pick up a few new ones.

69) Please cease all communication with my daughter from this point forward.

70) The house is located near downtown in a nice neighborhood.

71) In my opinion, she’s the most beautiful girl in the world!

72) He has green eyes and curly blonde hair that comes down to his shoulders.

73) I couldn’t help but laugh at the way she was acting.

74) He is always using his phone texting other girls!

75) We can all agree that this place has terrible service.

76) This book is about a man who went to war and came back with mental illnesses.

77) I’m going to go home, take off my clothes, and get into bed.

78) There’s not much to do in this town anymore; it’s too boring!

79) Yesterday we walked around downtown all day long!

80) She’s so rich she has her own jet.

81) The dress is made of silk and it’s green in color.

82) This room is filled with the most beautiful dolls I’ve ever seen!

83) I’m sick of all your nonsense; you need to grow up!

84) We spent all morning sanding down the wood floors, but they still aren’t finished.

85) It was an extremely windy day on the beach today!

86) My grandmother lives in a nursing home because she’s too old to take care of herself.

87) We locked the door and walked down the street.

88) I can’t believe you ate all of that!

89) The girl is writing her grandmother a letter using stationary.

90) Let’s go get our nails done before tonight!

91) He hates it when people are messy; he gets mad easily!

92) She was leaning against the wall while watching TV.

93) We’ve been stuck in traffic for over two hours now!

94) We went to the beach this weekend, but it was cold out!

95) The vacation was amazing, but it would have been better if we could have stayed longer.

96) I need to study for my math test tomorrow!

97) It was so cold yesterday that everyone had to wear a coat!

98) He fell asleep on the couch while watching TV last night.

99) There’s no food left in the fridge except for some apples, bananas, and oranges.

100) My dad told me that I can’t watch TV tonight I did poorly on my history quiz.