How to Improve English Grammar Skills – 6 Tips

Learning English grammar is a very challenging task and most of the ESL students become bore leering grammar. English grammar is not easy and you have to struggle a lot, it is very boring and there are rules that drive you crazy and in end ESL Students left everything and stop learning grammar. In this lesson I am going to provide you with 6 working tips on How to Improve English Grammar Skills?

How to Improve English Grammar Skills – 6 Tips

1. Focus on the Task

Learning all the grammar is not an easy task so you should have to be focused. You have to be focused and you should know why you are learning grammar. Is it for abroad admission, or for an essay writing or watching movies? When you have the answer to the about question you can now be focused and on the road.

First find out the reason why do you want to learn grammar, and this will help you motivate and in result you will not get bored.

Another benefit of knowing the purpose of learning English grammar is that it will shrink down the course, now you only have to learn the specific part of the grammar that you will be going to use in your work.

It is as simple to learn grammar when you know the purpose, let suppose that you are learning grammar to get a job. Now you only have to learn grammar related to conversation. You don’t have to learn other individual rules that are of no use to you.

Being an employ you just have to ask questions to your clients and to give directions to other employs and customers.

But you are want to write an essay or an email you have to learn English grammar related to writing. Which is a bit difficult one. You have to study parts of speech, punctuations, tenses, direct and indirect speech and active passive voice to write a perfect email for your client or for yourself.

2. Start Learning From the Basics

In other words first learn the most basic contents of the English. I would rather say you must have to learn parts of speech, which is the most basic part of grammar. Parts of speech that are noun, pronoun, adverb, adjectives, conjunction, interjection, etc. are the building blocks of English grammar.

To learn anything you have to learn it from its basics and same rule applies to learning grammar, you have to learn it from its basics. And parts of speech are really very interesting. Learn all of them and don’t forget to practice parts of speech in your daily life speaking.

3. Use Mobile and Internet

English learning can be quite a boring task if you are not doing it right. Smartphones are our best partners and they are with us all day long. So use your smartphone to learn English grammar.

If you lack interest in grammar and get bored learning it, you can go with grammar games that are quite interesting to play and compete with easy leaning.

There are a lot ways to use your smartphone to learn English grammar and playing games is one of them. There are hundreds of grammar games available on the play store and you can download them and leaning grammar with fun today.

Another way to master English grammar using your smartphone is Youtube. There are hundreds of native English tutors on the Youtube you can watch them and start practicing with them to master grammar.

Another way to master grammar using your smartphone is by joining an online course. Yes! There are many smart courses available on the internet that can greatly help you in mastering English grammar.

Last but not the least is the social media (Facebook and Instagram). You can join different groups and pages on the facebook related ESL Students. English grammar with Mechmass is the best of them where you can start learning English for free.

4. Start Reading

Reading is another best way to master English grammar. When you are reading books and English writing you are basically seeing and absorbing grammar. And reading is the fastest ways to learn grammar.

There are various thing and hundreds of ways to read. I will suggest you read about your interest. In this way you will not get bored. You can again use your smartphone or a laptop to read various articles online related to your interest.

When you read, you are basically absorbing grammar and reading exposes you to real concepts and models of English grammar.

Reading English you will learn more grammar concepts and in the meanwhile you will realize new things and new rules. Basically while reading about things of our interest we are completely indulged into it and due to keen focus we start learning new grammar every day. Here are 9 best books to start reading.

5. Start Listening

Listening to English is the most perfect way to master English grammar. I suggest you to watch movies that are in English language. In start you can use subtitles for easy understanding. Listening to native English you can easily master it because while listening you are absorbing it, and its accent which is perfect if you want to learn fast.

There are also some paid apps that you can used to master grammar while listening. Cambly is the most profession app and they have profession Native English teacher to help you learn English with them one-on-one.

6. Never Stop Practicing

After every step the last step is the most important which is practice. If you are working hard leaning new grammar concepts everyday but are not focusing on the practice, you are just wasting your time.

Learning English requires a lot of practice. You have to practice hard to master it. Whenever you have learned a new grammar concept you should have to practice it. After learning new concepts you have to find out the practice exercises related to those concepts and test yourself. In this way you can make sure that you are doing it right.

How to Improve English Grammar Skills – 6 Tips
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