How to Make a Sentence in English for Beginners?

English is a complicated language with so many rules that it can be difficult for beginners to know where to start. In this blog post, we will give you a few tips on how to make a sentence in English. By following these simple steps, you will be able to create correctly-formed sentences and improve your understanding of the language. So, let’s get started!

Making a sentences is very simple, you just have to followed this 5 steps guide to make a perfect sentences. Let us first discuss about some important terms:

What is a Sentences?

A sentence is a phrase which having a subject and predicate. It is also called as a complete thoughts. A sentence also has a full stop. To use a sentences it must have more than one words. Sentence is a group of words that have some sense or meaning.

It is not a difficult task to make a sentences. A sentence is the most important part of any compositions or writings. It shows that how well you can arrange your words and can express your thoughts. It is also the most important items in English Grammar.

Types of Sentences

There are three types of sentences:

a) Simple sentence:

It’s a sentence which contains one clause. It is also called as independent clause.

  • I like to watch TV.

It is a simple sentence because it has one subject(I) and predicate (like to watch TV).

b) Compound sentence:

A compound sentence is a sentences which contains two or more independent clause.

  • I like to watch TV and my favorite programs are comedy shows.

This is a compound sentences because it has more than one independent clause.

c) Complex Sentence:

At first a complex sentence seems as a compound sentence from outside, but from inside it has at least one dependent clause.

  • When I go home, I watch my favorite TV shows.

This is a complex sentence because it has one independent clause and one dependent clause “When I go home”

Structure of a Sentence

A sentence must have a subject and predicate. We can make a long sentences or short sentences as we like to express our feelings and thoughts. But according to English Composition, a sentence must have more than one word.


Subject is the part of sentence which describes who or what about in the sentence. For example; “I”, “the dog”, “the cats”. A Subject is a word or a group of words that tells about who or what the sentence is about. The subject is one of the most important part in making a sentences.


Predicate is the part of sentence which tells about what has been done in the sentence. For example; “I am going”, “she is going”, “my dog run fast”. The predicate make a full sentence.

5 Steps to Make a Perfect Sentence

How to Make a Sentence in English for Beginners?

1) Convert Ideas into words:

The first step is to turn your idea into words. It is impossible to make a sentence without the right words so you must know what you want to say clearly inside your mind. Using an unknown or random word will reduce its effect and changing the feeling of the sentence so it would be meaningless.

2) Write down ideas with essential key words:

In this step, you have to write down the most essential key words. It is not necessary to use many words so if one word is enough for your sentence then it would be better. Also do not forget to use a brief and simple way of writing so it will be easy to read and understand by other people.

3) Create a comma to create two sentences:

After writing down the key words, you must use a comma so it will be easier for readers to understand the meaning of your sentence. A period is not recommend because it would impact your sentence in negative way. The purpose of using a comma is turn one sentence into two with different contents.

4) Place a command to complete your sentences:

In this step, you have to put a command from the key words that you have written. This is the last step but not least because it would create an effect on your sentence. A correct order of words and commands will lead your sentence into perfect one which is easy to read by other people.

5) Connecting parts of speech to complete your sentences:

The last step is to connect the key words and commands to form a sentence. It would be hard for readers if your sentences are not connected so it must be connected carefully. A right connecting words should be used, otherwise it would lead your sentence into wrong direction.

Now you know how to make a sentence in 5 steps, try it now!

How to Make a Sentence in English for Beginners?

Common FAQs!

What are Parts of a Sentences?

Parts of sentences are called sentence elements. There are eight parts of sentence which are found in every sentence. There are four parts of a sentence which are mandatory and four other parts that would be chosen as the writer like to choose them.

a) Four Mandatory Parts of a Sentences:

  1. Subject
  2. Predicate
  3. Command
  4. Object (optional)

b) Four Choices of Parts of a Sentences:

  1. Adverb
  2. Adjective
  3. Appositive
  4. Conjunction (optional)

Do verbs create sentences?

Yes, verbs can create sentences and it is one of the basic parts of speech to make a sentence. Verbs are used to show action so if you want to say “I walked” then you must use a verb “walked”.

Do prepositions create sentences?

Prepositions are not commonly used to create sentences but it can help to create one. Prepositions are used to show purpose, location and direction so it is a part of speech that you have to remember when making a sentence.

Do adjectives create sentences?

Adjectives are one of the most important parts of speech which can create sentences by itself. Adjectives are used to describe nouns, pronouns and other parts of speech. Without adjectives, your sentences would be meaningless.

Can a sentence have two verbs?

Yes, it is possible for a sentence to have two verbs. Using two verbs in one sentence will create different meaning so you should choose the right verb that can be separated into two sentences.