100 Sentences in Past Continuous Tense

Are you feeling tense? Well, you should relax with some practice in the past continuous tense. In this blog post, we will look at 100 sentences in the past continuous tense. This is a great way to improve your fluency and confidence when speaking English. So, let’s get started!

100 Sentences in Past Continuous Tense

100 Sentences in Past Continuous Tense

Here are 100 examples of past continuous tense:

1) She was doing her homework when the telephone rang.

2) I was watching TV when my mother came back from work.

3) He was talking to his parents when I entered his office.

4) When I came home, she was having dinner with her friends.

5) They were singing a song while we were dancing on stage.

6) She was looking for her phone everywhere when I came home.

7) We were waiting for our friends at the bus stop.

8) The children were playing in the garden when their mother came back from work.

9) We were not listening to the teacher while the other students were doing their assignments.

10) Our neighbors were having dinner when we rang the doorbell .

11) I was sleeping when my alarm clock woke me up for school.

12) They were eating pizza at that time, which was why they did not answer our question.

13) She was taking a shower when her brother called her on the phone.

14) He was watching TV while she was studying in front of him.

15) When she answered his call, he  was talking to her mother on the phone.

16) She smiled at him while he  was working with his friends.

17) His mother was making breakfast when her son came downstairs.

18) When I play with my ball, she always comes to me and ask for it back .

19) They were eating dinner then, which was why they did not answer our call.

20) The waiter brought us the menu and we  were ready to order food.

21) I was studying when my sister called me.

22) He woke up in the morning and saw that it had started snowing outside .

23) She was watching TV while drinking a hot cup of tea.

24) We were not listening to Mary while she  was giving a presentation in class.

25) Their friends were having a party in the next room, which was why they  were laughing loudly .

26) When I came home from school, he  was listening to music.

27) The teacher was talking about this topic when his students started playing with their pencils.

28) She knocked on the door and her friend opened the door but she wasn’t there .

29) They were reading newspapers when we entered the room.

30) We couldn’t wake him up, because he was sleeping so deeply that  we couldn’t hear his voice over the loud music .

31) While they watched a movie together , he took her hand and kissed it slowly .

32) My brother was on his way to school when he  ran into his teacher .

33) She  was applying for a job at the nearest supermarket .

34) His mother was cooking dinner while she was watching TV.

35) He fell asleep and when he woke up, it was already midnight .

36) They were standing near the door and talking to each other until we arrived.

37) When the fire started burning the house, my grandparents were still inside of their bedroom.

38) While they were swimming in the pool , he took her hand and kissed it slowly .

39) I had thought about this question before but I couldn’t give him an answer because ______. (I didn’t have an answer.)

40) They were having a meeting when I decided to call them.

41) He  was watching TV when she came back from school.

42) They  were playing the piano while we were singing in the room next door.

43) When I looked at my phone, he started talking to me about the news he heard on TV.

44) While they were studying for their exams, his friends started throwing paper planes from outside of the classroom window .

45) The family was playing games but suddenly, their father fell down and hurt himself .

46) She did her homework until midnight , so she did not feel very well when she woke up early in the morning .

47) We were in class when the principal announced that there was a fire at our school.

48) My brother fell asleep while he  was watching TV.

49) When I listened to music, she always came to me and asked me for my earphones .

50) Their friends got out of the water but they  were still swimming until it was time to go home.

51) The students were having a test tomorrow, so they could not meet with their friends after school .

52) They were waiting for us near the front door when we arrived home.

53) While she baked an apple pie , the woman started singing happily .

54) His father did his homework before dinner, which is why he  could not help his son with this question.

55) We were all in the living room when the guests arrived at their home.

56) She was trying to solve a difficult math problem while he  was talking on the phone.

57) I wanted to go out for dinner with my family but my parents were busy preparing dinner .

58) He drove her home after school, because she  was walking alone in the dark streets.

59) The woman left her work earlier than usual because she  had an appointment with her doctor .

60) She had never done yoga before , but her grandmother made sure that they  did yoga together every morning.

61) While my mother was cooking, I went outside and played with my friends.

62) When we were walking, he stopped talking to me and texted on his phone for a few minutes .

63) She started running after she  saw the dog running towards her.

64) The girl took her father’s car without asking him, so she could go meet up with her friends in the city .

65) While they waited for their parents, they sat down quietly and made sure that they didn’t disturb other passengers on the train .

66) We were trying to get rid of all of our clothes while he  was helping us clean our room. (Instead of helping us clean our room.)

67) He was walking slowly because he thought something was following him .

68) The man woke up early in the morning because he  was excited to go fishing with his friends.

69) She was writing an email while she went out for a walk.

70) My daughter was playing video games when I found her sneaking into the kitchen .

71) While they were studying together , one of their classmates started talking loudly on her phone, so they had to wait until she finished talking before they could start studying again.

72) The girl told me that she wanted to have lunch with another friend, which is why she  could not come to my birthday party.

73) After I came home from school, I started doing my homework immediately so that I would finish it before dinner .

74) While the thief was stealing from the old man, he  noticed someone else watching him from a distance.

75) My friends asked me to join them in playing basketball but I decided to stay in and watch TV instead.

76) The cat started crying loudly after it  saw a mouse running across its path.

77) He tried talking to her , but she was too busy texting on her phone to notice that he  was standing beside her.

78) She made sure that everyone had their phones out of sight when they sat down together so they  could have a good family dinner.

79) When we were walking home, we found something lying on the ground, so we  picked it up and looked at it.

80) While I was on vacation, my neighbors asked me to water their plants while they were away. (Instead of asking me to water their plants when I was on vacation.)

81) The woman got frightened after she  saw someone in her house even though she had locked all the doors before going out for a walk.

82) After we had lunch, we went back home so we could get prepared for work next week .

83) When his mother saw him, he  was sneaking into the door and trying not to make any noise so he wouldn’t disturb anyone inside of the house.

84) She had just come back from school when she started doing her homework.

85) The little boy looked around when he  saw that his mom was missing . (Instead of when he saw that his mom was missing.)

86) After I had finished paying for my things, I went outside to call for a cab.

87) Even though the woman did not have time before she left for work , she still made sure that her children ate breakfast and got dressed properly before going to school.

88) When we arrived at our friend’s house, they  were just getting up from their afternoon nap.

89) He did not see me coming because he was watching TV while he  was walking in circles on the sidewalk with headphones on his head.

90) While everyone was watching the game, she  was trying to get their attention so that she could ask everyone something.

91) The student tried explaining why he  failed the test but his professor was not paying attention to what he said because he  was busy marking papers.

92) When we finally got close to the house , we looked around and noticed that all of its windows were broken and some of its walls had collapsed .

93) While they played video games, the little girl started crying because her brother would not let her play with them.

94) When I saw my friend in trouble , I ran over to him as fast as I could so I could help him up before anyone else walked by. (Instead of when I saw my friend in trouble.)

95) The police officers were searching for clues so they  could catch the thief.

96) I was surprised to see him throwing trash everywhere while he  was eating dinner with his family.

97) When we walked into the house, we noticed that it looked like someone had broken in because some of its windows were open and a few of its doors were unlocked . (Instead of noticing that it looked like someone had broken in .)

98) I always take a warm bath after I come home from work so I can relax myself before going to sleep.

99) After she got out of school , she went straight home because her parents told her to do so.

100) While I was talking to my friend, he suddenly told me that his favorite sports team had won the game.

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