20 Sentences in Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Have you ever wanted to use the past perfect continuous tense but weren’t sure how? Or maybe you were unsure when to use it? Well, don’t worry! This blog post will teach you 20 examples in past perfect continuous tense. We’ll go over when to use it and how to form it, and we’ll also give you some examples so you can see how it works in action. So if you’re ready to learn all about the past perfect continuous tense, keep reading!

20 Sentences in Past Perfect Continuous Tense

20 Sentences in Past Perfect Continuous Tense

1) I had been living in Liverpool for years before I moved to Manchester.

2) She had been working at this restaurant for a long time when she got a new job at another place.

3) They had been writing songs together before they formed a band.

4) It had been raining all day before the sun came out again.

5) She had been doing her homework when I called.

6) You had been looking everywhere for your glasses before you finally found them on the kitchen table.

7) We had been wanting to go to Iceland for years before we finally decided to book our flights and hotel.

8) They had been travelling through Thailand for several weeks before they arrived in Cambodia.

9) The power had been out for hours by the time someone came to fix it.

10) Jane’s headache had been getting worse all day until she finally took some painkillers.

11) We hadn’t heard from Janice in months, so we assumed she was no longer living in New York City.

12) George W Bush was in office for eight long years before Barack Obama finally defeated him in the 2008 election.

13) I had been living alone since I was 18 when my parents decided to move to another city.

14) School had been cancelled because of the snowstorm so we could not go on our class field trip.

15) The pain in his knee had been getting worse all week, but he didn’t see a doctor until Friday night.

16) We were shocked to find out that she had heart problems because she always seemed so healthy and happy.

17) It hadn’t stopped raining for weeks before I started to think there might be a drought coming up.

18) She already knows everything you’re telling her about your holiday because she had already read all about it on social media.

19) It had been raining so long that the river was about to flood when we finally got a break in the weather.

20) You’ve been watching too much TV if you think people only use cell phones these days, because I can remember a time before they were invented.

21) The traffic was terrible because of an accident on the freeway and we ended up being late for our appointment with the lawyer.

22) The meeting will be over soon if everyone stops talking and gets down to business.

23) She has been having trouble deciding what she wants to do after school because she is good at a lot of different things.

24) The meeting was delayed until the CEO arrived because he had been stuck in traffic.

25) You can come to visit me any time you like, because I’ve been living in Australia for two years now.

26) We were supposed to meet them before midnight but we missed our train so we didn’t get there until closer to 12:30am.

27) The game was really exciting especially near the end when they scored an impossible goal.

28) Mary has short curly hair and always wears jeans, unlike her sister who has long straight black hair and only ever wears dresses.

29) The weather this summer has been terrible, unlike last year when it was nice during August.

30) He’s tired right now but once he’s had a chance to relax and have a cup of coffee, he’ll feel better.

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20 Sentences in Past Perfect Continuous Tense