12 Types of Interjections with Examples

In this lesson you will learn Types of Interjections with examples. What are Interjections? Interjections are the words used to express sudden or strong emotions or spontaneous feelings. The listener understands the emotions of the speaker. The interjections are used with exclamation marks. They express sudden emotions like happiness, sadness, surprise, anger and greetings. They do not play a grammatical function in the sentence such as Hurrah! , Alas! , Ouch! , Oh!

12 Types of Interjections with Examples

12 Types of Interjections with Examples

Types of Interjections Based on Emotions

The following types of interjections types based on expressions, greeting, surprise, joy, approval, attention and sorrow etc.

i. Interjection of Greetings

It is used to show the warmth of a person at the time of greetings, such as

Hello! , Hi! , Hey!


  • Hello! How are you?
  • Hi! How is your health?
  • Hey! Do not be so hopeless.

ii. Interjection of Surprise

It is used to express a strong sense of surprise such as What!, Oh!, Ah!, Etc.


  • Ah! I have won.
  • Dear! , That is a surprise.
  • Ah! , It feels good.

iii. Interjection of Joy

These words show the happiness and joy of a happy event such as Hurrah!, Good, Wow Etc.


  • Wow! What a beautiful house.
  • Hurrah! We have won the match.
  • Yippee! We are going to the zoo.

iv. The Interjection of Approval/Praise

It is used to show a strong sense of approval or agreement, such as Bravo! , welcome! , Brilliant!


  • Well done! You have done it.
  • Bravo! You played well.
  • Brilliant! Your article was helpful.

v. Interjection of Attention 

The words used to attract the attention of others like the look!, Listen!, Behold!, Shh!.


  • Listen! Walk slowly.
  • Behold! , The teacher comes.

vi. The Interjection of Sorrow/Pain

These words show the emotions of sorrow at an unfortunate event such as Alas!, Ouch!, Oops Etc.


  • Alas! , She is dead now.
  • Ouch! That hurts.

Main Types of Interjections

i. Primary Interjections

The words that primarily act as interjections and do not function as the other parts of speech. Ah, Alas, Hurray, Ouch, Oh my god, Oops.

ii. Secondary Interjections

Secondary interjections mean when nouns, adjectives or other parts of speech act as interjections.

  • Hello, Yes, Excellent, My goodness, Great

Categories of Interjections

i. Volitive Interjections

The words which tell the speaker’s wishes, desires, commands and requests

  • Shh! The dog is sleeping.
  • Hey, look at this flower.

ii. Emotive Interjections

Emotive Interjections are the words used for a sudden feeling of surprise, delight, fear, disgust, or another reactionary emotion.

  • Good grief! What a noise you are making.
  • Rates, I forgot my keys on my table.

iii. Cognitive Interjections

They convey feelings that result from what one understands.

  • Oh my god! You are back.
  • Bravo! He wrote this Essay.
  • Eureka! I have found my lost documents.

Mild and Strong Interjections

The interjection is also divided into mild and strong categories based on emotion.

i. Strong Interjections

The emotional strength of interjections is also dependent upon the context. Oh my god, Ouch, Wow, Hurray Etc.

  • Oh, I did not know that.

ii. Mild interjections

Mild Interjections shows little emotions like Hmm!, well!. Er!

  • Well, you are right.

So, In short, interjections express feelings, emphasis and emotions, now you can understand their classes.

List of Interjections

Here is the list of some common Interjections in English:

aooga dizamn caw
cya gadzooks tally-ho
migod gah aoogah
that’s a girl jinx thiam
haw Ok ‘ullo
pop pow hai
snap snerk so there
cooee view halloo wacko
yaroo yarooh hello
phwoarr h’lo hrrmph
doggone land sake hm
how okey-dokey naw
shazam shazaam oho
hrm thwap tiddely
oh em gee tut-tut ay
yea yes huddup
yiss yo mm
blabbity you go, girl do what
hang it aw chin-chin
sh cor hurray
oh-oh er bacaw
kerthump furry muff ar
wham heck whammo
heads up here goes FTW
basta lo land sakes
pardy peace out boo hiss
hahaha pip-pip och
heave-ho touche touché
shoo aah shough
yow aargh bum
halleluja crikey ach
wotcher leave it out ahh
ugh Lord hallo
ssh oh dear zounds
ah oh my gosh huzza
ooch oh really cooey
why on Earth woo good now
phew blow me pooh
la bye ta-dah
death to ding dong begorrah
hulloa ftw avaunt
silence golly yessir
jislaaik OK heh
aloha otay big deal
urgh velcome hurra
wuzza wuzzup muahahaha
srsly boo yippee
oh my Zeus codswallop hup
phut Goddy get away
adios honk poo
damn oh boy nyah
har okeydoke okey-doke
proface prosit pugh
this tut goddamit
whoo whoopee goodbye
g’night frick good morrow
cheerio good-bye bejaysus
brother hey Goddidit
eaw hic Christ
furrfu hiya mhm
you know howzat you know it
shazbot shh shhh
yo-ho-ho sry yoo-hoo
heeey tiddledy tiddley
nee boh bye-bye
loo darn good job
losh euoi poof
bah feh sure
yuk good luck blow me down
leave off huh hrmm
peow oh no boo hoo
by oof ooh
whee white rabbit nom nom
plinkety wuxtra heigh-ho
uh aha uh-oh
chin chin aye bastard
dammit ee lackaday
oh man gee woo hoo
oo-er good heavens ow
yesh haha gosh
aagh halloa wough
ta-ra ta-ta oh my God
oh me oh my yuck kaching
‘ello bow-wow heck no
adieu dag sue me
here farewell oh my stars
hah goddammit hmmph
oh my days hrmph oooh
hum nah jeez
shana tova sibo yesish
batter up ta-tah crud
nu umm d’aww
heeelp whamo whatsay
oops alas tara
nuh-uh blah mu
hooray chrissake affirmative
yay cripes fie
mm-hmm hmmm oh my heck
ouch howdy phoh
prethe presto prethee
grumpity wahey weh
so what yessiree yessirree
hullo eh
tchah heita tehee
hoy oh my Goddess oh my hell
blabity oright avast
poogh rah rat-tat-tat
ooooh taa ta-da
unberufen upadaisy good Lord
fuckyeah whoa whoah
oh God wuxtry foom
oh my Lord yum yum yum
a-choo areet ho
oi flummery dildo
fore geronimo ta-ta for now
lee-ho get bent toodle-oo
right-ho hoo rrah
bravo mwah oh oh
goddamn net-net hoorah
pah pardie pardon
um whallah kthxbai
blow me tight wow alleluia
blimey chrissakes yup
eureka ciao you knows it
shitfire heehaw shots fired
ole nay oo arr
pip pip oh my oh
blow me over tiddly ooyah
twirp uck morning
huzzah whoosh aww
h’m yes way iunno
oh my gods aaargh zzz
goddidit ahem oy
fu amen a-ha
hmm oh my word mmm
stop strewth hurrah
la tillie vallie hallelujah
kill me uh-uh boo-ya
woops word wotcher
chuffing hell yes’m nuh