Use of ‘Am’ in English and Examples Sentences

Use of ‘am’ in English and Examples Sentences

Use of ‘Am’ in English and Examples Sentences

One of the first things you learn when studying English is the verb ‘to be’ in its various forms. You quickly discover that there are different rules for using this verb, depending on whether you are talking about yourself, someone else, or a group of people.

For example, did you know that the word ‘am’ is only used when referring to oneself? In this blog post, we will take a look at how and when to use ‘am’ in English.

We will also explore some of the common mistakes that ESL students make with this verb. By the end of this post, you should have a better understanding of how to use ‘am’ correctly in English.

Using ‘Am’ in Present Tense (Continuous)

When you use ‘am’ in the present tense, it usually indicates that the action is ongoing or continuous.

Structure: Subject+am+Verb+ing+Object

10 Simple Sentences Examples Using ‘Am’

  1. I am writing a blog post.
  2. I am making tea.
  3. I am going to play in the ground
  4. I am eating an apple
  5. I am doing my homework.
  6. I am reading a book.
  7. I am making a salad.
  8. I am sleeping.
  9. I am going to the zoo.
  10. I am visiting my family.

Using ‘am’ in Negative Sentences

Structure: Subject+am+not+Verb+ing+Object

In negative sentences, we use ‘am not’ (or ‘aren’t’) to show that we are not doing something.

Am Negative Sentences Examples

  1. I am not going to the zoo.
  2. I am not visiting my family.
  3. I am not doing my homework.
  4. I am not working today.
  5. I am not going to the gym.
  6. I am not eating breakfast.
  7. I am not making lunch.
  8. I am not a freelancer.
  9. I am not your friend.
  10. I am an engineer from Turkey.

Using ‘am’ in Questions

In questions, we use ‘am’ to ask if someone is doing something.

Structure: Am+Subject+Verb+Object?

Am Questions Examples

  1. Am I eating an apple?
  2. Am I making a salad?
  3. Am I sleeping?
  4. Am I going to the gym?
  5. Am I working today?
  6. Am I going to the zoo?
  7. Am I visiting my family?
  8. Am I reading the book?
  9. Am I writing a blog post?

Making Mistakes with ‘Am

One of the most common mistakes that ESL students make with ‘am’ is using it in the wrong tense.

For example, many students mistakenly use ‘am’ in the past tense, thinking that it is the correct form.

Daily Life Sentences Using ‘Am’

1) I am going to park.

2) I am coming to the bank.

3) I am meeting my friends.

4) I am going to school.

5) I am buying the grocery store.

6) I am going to work.

7) I am going to the pharmacy.

8) I am going to take a break.

9) I am going to eat lunch.

10)I am going to go home.

11) I am playing tennis.

12) I am going to the swimming pool.

13) I am going to the library.

14) I am going to the movies.

15) I am going to a party.

16) I am studying English.

17) I am working on my computer.

18) I am taking a shower.

19) I am eating dinner.

20)I am going to bed.